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The Value of Social Media

What are the benefits of social media?

brand awareness/ increased exposure
Social media is a great tool for increasing brand awareness. Social media gives you the ability to quickly reach a large audience.

It’s creating valuable content, it’s one of the most important things just like catching the audience’s attention. Anything that is inspiring, funny, informative and controversial can get anyone’s attention.
Can reach new audiences
Targeted advertising
Collaborate with another business, with similar audience but different product

How does social media have to do with customer service?

Social media improves customer service by addressing any issues that the customer has. It also brings the business to the next level. When a customer posts a bad review to the business it’s a sign to improve what they did wrong. Throughout the years customer service has changed so much due to social media how u might ask well everyone doesn’t want to dial the main phone at the company and be put on hold for a while. With social media you can just text that company instead of going through the pain of calling their number.

Customers are looking for businesses on social media, if you aren’t on there how will they find you? Ensure you are ‘social’ on social media, replies to all comments, reviews, messages

Share the new opportunities
When a company has a new product to sell they can share what it looks like and the information on what it is or do on social media, with a catchy slogan to make it very noticeable to the target audience. If the company is low on staff they can post on social media that they need employees and whoever is interested the company can share the information on what they do.

Is the investment worth it for the business?

You see the investment is worth it because social media has a strong connection with the customers and the business. A large pool of the audience are waiting for good content which is spread across social media. The main social media that are used are; Facebook, twitter, and Instagram they all gather the business knowledge and tell the audience what they about and what they sell also the price of that product.

Low cost, if you maintain the channel yourself, the only cost is your time
Choosing the right channels where your customers hang out
Engaging with your audience
Choose one or two channels, don’t spread your resources too thin

Low cost
Advertising on social media can have different costs but that depends on what the business uses.
Facebook :
$ 1 per day for impression
$5 per day for clicks, likes and views
$40 per day for app install or offers claims
$1 per day for impression
$5 per day for clicks, likes and views
$40 per day app install or offers claim
$10 per day
$2 per click
$10 per day
No minimum
$2 for impression
$0.10 for clicks

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