Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Barry Smith

President, Elected Member

Barry has had a varied career as a teacher, teacher union official, government adviser and business owner. Barry currently runs an investment company and as well as his involvement with State Schools' Relief supports a school and an orphanage in the Philippines.

Christine Stewart

Vice President

Represents Australian Education Union A secondary teacher for over twenty years. Christine’s roles include Student Welfare Coordinator. Christine has also been an elected official of the Australian Education Union for twelve years.

Cheryle Osborne

Represents the Victorian Principals Association (VPA)

Cheryle has over 35 years’ experience in Victorian Government schools and is currently Principal of Aspendale Gardens Primary School. Cheryle has been a member of the VPA for 20 years and a VPA Board Member for the past 11 years.

Esther Wood

Elected Member

Esther has over thirteen years’ experience as a principal of Burwood Heights Primary Schools and Kindergarten. Esther's past board appointments and various Victorian Principals Association positions provide a wealth of knowledge for the challenges State Schools' Relief faces.

John Hurley

Elected Member

John has been primary school principal for more than thirty years. He is currently principal of Thomas Mitchell Primary School. He is an active member of several principal networks, and has a strong commitment to providing equity for all government school students.

Judi Benney

Represents Victorian Association Secondary Schools Principals 

Judi has had a variety of experience as a principal in the northern and eastern regions, in both secondary and primary setting.

Lisa Amalfi-Chiera

Represents Parents Victoria

Regardless of social and economic background Lisa Amalfi-Chiera firmly believes every student deserves access to inclusive and equitable education.

Maria Shearn

Represents Australian Education Union - Primary

With over thirty years’ experience in Victorian Government schools, Maria is currently Principal of East Bentleigh Primary School, a position she has held for seven years. As well as her strong support of ensuring equity for all Victorian students with her work with SSR, she also supports an orphanage and school in the Philippines.

Ralph Francione

Elected Member

Ralph has a wealth of experience as teacher, Principal, Inspector of Schools, Senior Administrator (Department of Education), Chairman of State Curriculum Committees; tertiary lecturer, film reviewer and umpire with Cricket Victoria.

Robyn Wilson

Co-opted Member

Represents Australian Business Managers in Victorian State Schools Robyn has worked for 15 years as a Business Manager.

Rommie Redlich

Elected Member

Rommie is the Head of Superannuation for Catholic Church Insurance Limited. He has over thirty years’ experience working for large corporations in senior roles. Previously, Rommie spent thirteen years working closely with the Victorian Education sector.

Sue Karzis

CEO, State Schools’ Relief

Sue Karzis is the Chief Executive Officer at State Schools’ Relief. Sue is a values-driven leader and educator with over ten years’ experience in senior roles.

Susan Mann

Elected Member

Susan has worked in education in Victoria, nationally and internationally, as a secondary teacher, teacher educator, policy analyst and senior administrator for over 40 years.

Tony Ross

Elected Member

Tony has held many senior positions in education; in Australia and abroad. Tony runs his own consulting business and as well as his involvement with State Schools' Relief he supports a school and an orphanage in the Philippines. Tony is a Board Member of Bendigo Bank and Vice President of the Pakenham Living Learning Centre.

Wilma Culton

Elected Member

Wilma is a Principal at Serpell Primary in Templestowe, a position that she has held for the past fifteen years of her twenty one years as a Principal in Victorian schools.